Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the bloggy truth:

hard day

wednesday. twelve-thirty-seven-in-the-afternoon.

what you see
-a frizzy straight out of the shower mess
-eyebrows: need plucked
-no makeup and reeeeeeeally tired eyes
-going on day 1,763 of no-good sleep
-my attempt at giving gavin a haircut myself

what you don’t see
-charlie spit up on my jeans
-lucas went to preschool this morning still in half of his pajamas
-dirty dishes and laundry piles and well, really… a tornado hit this place
-mcdonald’s i had andrey bring home for lunch
-the crazy lady tears i cried when he went back to work

what i see
-red nails making me feel pretty
-concern and love for gavin
-a sliver of sunshine sneaking through my curtains
-my wedding ring

what i’m going to do
-gather up three boys and climb back in bed

and that’s ok.


  1. It takes courage to be able to be so honest and I LOVE that about this post!! It helps me to know that I'm not a failure as I sit here in my pajamas at almost 2:00 in the afternoon :) Enjoy your nap!!

  2. I LOVE it when people share the realness of life. Bloggy land, for me anyway, can seem kind of depressing sometimes because people usually only share the "best" of their lives, the "best" of their projects, the "best" of their children, and so on and so on. So when I'm not at my best, I sometimes feel like a complete rotton failure. And I'm not.
    {BTW, am I the only one who ever feels that way around blog land???}

    You look beautiful with your painted nails and your cute son on your lap. And thank you for being real.

    BTW, it was nice to see you at Haley's Favorite Things party too.


  3. What I see:
    your mom's face in you
    Hair I wish I had
    3 happy boys
    and a normal february day
    love you

  4. sounds like my mommy's heart post....

    this too is just your'll pass all too quickly and you'll wish it all back! can I DITTO all of your post? :) :) :) LOVE YOU! you're a GREAT mama!!

  5. this is Andrey,what i see is the most beautiful mom in the world taking care of my CRAZY boys. Patience wasnt given to me when God was handing out talents, Lindsay must have got double doze. she is amazing.

  6. Andrey is the sweetest thing.

    And he is so right.

    You're lookin good Linds.

    Love you.

  7. When you see frizzy, out of the shower hair, I see long, gorgeous brown locks that I seriously covet. (like, really bad ;)

    I love this post so much, Lindsay.

    And Robin,
    No, you're not alone.

  8. mmmmmmm, red finger nails are just the best. like fresh daisies on the kitchen counter in the bleak month of February. I live in walla walla and we get alot of gray, foggy days around this time of year. I would paint my toes but I just can't reach them these days...must go for the finger nails instead!

  9. beautiful! what red is that polish-it's absolutely perfect!!!

  10. Gosh, I just love your blog. I love that you are always sharing real life, from your birth stories to your mommy days like this post. I know many of us have days where we just want to be in pajamas all day and snuggle with the kiddos in bed.

    P.S. I laughed when you mentioned the hair cut -- at least you attempt hair cuts! I am still too nervous to try unless it's a direct buzz cut.

    Love this post.

  11. Ahh Lindsay your a special girl you are. I hope you have a fabulous and cozy day!

  12. a) love this post
    b) love your header

  13. Loveliest post I have ever read. Ever. Thanks for being real.

  14. :) your so cute-- Ill bet ur the BEST mom ever- even when you have stuff on your jeans, and send your kdis to school in PJs. :) we have all been there!! Motherhood-- one of thetoughest jobs there is. thats why heavenly Father chose you-- ;) love you lins!