Thursday, October 29, 2009

baby mine.

pumpkinpatch 2009 003gavin west -  month nine
still no teeth.
the two of us have officially kicked andrey and  lucas out of our family bed.
we snuggle. we laugh. we don’t sleep.  
says, “mamamamamammmmmma”
sucks on his thumb for fun.
has new fall boots for his yummy baby feets.
is wearing all of my favorite lucas-baby clothes
(kurt shirt & bob dylan tee & this lucky fave)
was born in my bedroom.


  1. oh, that smile! divine.

    I want new fall boots like gavin west's. they are sooooo sweet.

  2. poor andrey, you need a super california queen bed

  3. I cannot get enough of that sweet boy's face. And last night, dressed up in his little monkey suit...can I just take a bite of those delicious little cheeks?!