Friday, October 9, 2009

i am made of sunshine & love

 plant 016 
my sister phatnat {green thumb extraordinaire} gifted me this little spider plant. the fourth generation of many lady plants before her. over a year ago. it was just a little sprout at first and i stuck it in a tiny red anthro dish until it started growing some roots. just like she said. then i shopped for the perfect pot for my girl. this ceramic glazed beauty. and while this little plant’s mother & grandmothers before her are cascading over their potted edges -  my girl… is stuck.

i feed her sunshine. water her with love and well… laugh everytime i see her four skinny lady leaves. i am no good at growing things. except humans. i grow healthy humans. 

the other day lucas spotted a  greenhouse kit at the hardware store. we followed the directions exactly and i was so worried that my bad plant karma would rub off onto him. i really really wanted his seeds to sprout – so i didn’t touch them. just told him what to do and watched his sort-of chubby hands carefully work.

each morning i spy on him while he checks in on them. over by the kitchen window. he lifts the lid, checks to see if  they have water  and says “good morning little cucumbers!” then tucks them back in for their daily sunbaths. he even so lovingly tells them “sorry little guys” when one of the sprouts gets squished by the lid. 

i am learning from him - and caught myself saying, “hello there, girl” to my silly stunted planted this morning.

++++ plant 021


  1. wowwweee luc thats amazing! my cucumber plant harvested me 5 cucumbers this season. they were yummy, but i think its too cold out now to grow any more.
    im sure that little spidey will grow, i think its so funny she is just stuck!
    now annie, mom, steen, and presley have babies of my spider plants. even tho i take care of mom and steens everytime i go over there, they are a growing!
    call me lin

  2. you + me = plant murderers

    but that's ok.

  3. I too am a plant killer. I can't even keep those little flowers that we get for Mother's Day at church alive for more than a few days.

    Good luck Lucas!

  4. Can we keep them alive all winter and have fresh cucumbers?

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  6. Lukey's cucumber plants look beautiful - even more so with him grinning hugely behind them.

  7. baaaaaahahah sorry guys!? aw - that's just waaay too cute.