Sunday, October 25, 2009

“and it will be good for me” – kim taylor

“…days like this
you look up at the big sky above you.
…and days like this
you think about the ones who love you…”
++++boyeee 007
tonight’s gratefuls:

+marilyn’s honey bee mix
+the pins on luc’s sunday vest
+my brother’s glasses
+andrey’s new green striped tie & my mustard yellow sunday shoes
+a real conversation with lucas over milk and mr. sketch markers
+amy olsen’s powerful testimony shared in a simple sunday lesson
+new friends & caramel apples wrapped in ribbon & lace
+a couch full of ruby stella pillows
+converse & leaves flickr photo
+thinking about christmas gifts
+gavi’s peace pants
+cath’s visit to the ocean & dad’s casper hot dog
+shanna murray’s autumn desktop calendar
+mario tips from jade @ two in the morning via text  

love, lin


  1. I loved your shoes today...actually the whole outfit was cute.

    One of these days when I see you at church I will have a free minute to talk. I always feel like I'm rushing to the next thing!

    Okay, I really think we need to get that gym membership we talked about (it's only 15 bucks a month right in????)

  2. Lin,

    Thanks dear. This is exactly what I needed this morning...and I've got some beautiful lyrics in my head right now that I just can't get out.

    I'm gonna be a copy cat :)

  3. I too noticed your darling yellow heels yesterday. You are so beautiful!

    Amy's lesson was so wonderful. I don't get to peek in on Relief Society very often, but I am so glad I was able to be in there yesterday. Okay, when I say "able" I really meant that I'm actually glad that my feet were swelling to the size of baby elephants so that I could sneak in and sit in the comfy chairs during R.S. ;)

  4. Oh, how I love those yellow shoes. The picture reminds me of Emily from the black apple. I bet you'd be friends.

  5. i love those shoes. and you make me wanna play mario. lets buy mario kart together

  6. I was going to save some of the delicious caramel apple for my hubby, but selfishly I enjoyed the hole thing myself. Was there a special recipe you used for the caramel or brown sugar sprinkled on the outside? It was divine!! Thanks!

  7. your outfit is darling! so happy you liked the calendar!

  8. Those shoes and the tights/skirt combo are so cute. Love it!

  9. Those shoes are absolutely beautiful and they go along with such a beautiful list. Thank you for helping me think more clearly about my own gratefuls.