Tuesday, October 13, 2009

one sweet little hot potato

pumpkinpatch 2009 023gavin west has a fever. and i’m thinking/hoping it’s because he’s teething and not because we weren’t prepared for how cold it was going to be at the pumpkin patch on saturday. he was sluggish and crabby and attached to my hip all day today. sweet boy.

this was my free minute. to read some blogs, finish some projects, pay some bills – but mostly i just want to go snuggle up in my bed with my baby boy. he’ll keep me warm on this oh-so-chilly october night while i nurse him & love him & sing him get well soon lullabies.

on the nightstand:
hylands teething tablets
infant tylenol
an adiri bottle full of water
people magazine
my journal and favorite pen

on the t.v:
rachel zoe season finale

in my bed:
one sweet little hot potatopumpkinpatch 2009 016       goodnight loves, lin


  1. poor babe.
    hope he feels better with momma's lovin'!
    i love his hat...where is it from?
    i struggle to find day to day hats that fit my little guy...he's got a big noggin and lately he is totally into pulling hats off. arrgghh!
    have a great day!

  2. Among all the wonderful things I love about fall, the little germs that get around are not one of them! I hope he's not sick too. I love Gavin's dimples, I bet they melt your heart!

  3. Poor Gavin. He seemed like he wasn't feeling too hot on Sunday when I saw him. Hope he gets better soon. I hate fevers on babies. They scare me!

  4. I hope he's feeling better soon. The only thing good about a baby with a fever is how rosy their cheeks get.

  5. sweet baby gavin.

    cuddle him for me.

  6. poor little guy, i hope he feels better really soon. with mama by his side, i'm sure he's feeling better already. lots of love.

  7. Hi Lindsay!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog. I'm stalking you - I check your blog daily and love everything about it - your gorgeous family and your incredible talent! So glad to finally 'meet' you.

  8. Oh, poor baby. Hope he's feeling better by now. Hope you stay well too.