Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"turn around and you're tiny... turn around and you're grown" -kenny loggins


dear grandpa and grammy:

i'm getting too big for my paci's. please keep them in a safe place for me. you might need to tell them a good long bedtime story at night because that's when they will miss me the most.

lucas jude

this is huge for us. my heart is still aching in a big mama bear way. i was a giant sobbing mess that day. how's lucas handling things, you ask?? oh, him? he's fine. it's me that needs the sympathy. it's me that needs a big huge new bag of tricks. he's all boy now. and clearly has a mind of his own.
long gone are the days of playing my music in the car, picking him out my favorite toys and reading only bedtime stories with pictures that i love. lullabies pulled from my guitar strumming girl brain files have been replaced with requests for "happy birthday" and "hakuna matata" again and again and again and again.

i have to remind myself to let him grow into who he wants to be. finding the balance between that and shaping him into a well rounded boy all at the same time.

roll over. check!
sit up. check!
crawling. check!
walking?! check!
solid foods. check!
wean the nursling. check!
send paci's to grammy. check!
snuggle back up in our crowded family bed. big fat check!
{did you really think i was ready for a big boy bed??}

goodnight you,
love, lin


  1. Oh poor lonely blue big boy bed that Asher and Lucas have abandoned:)

  2. What a collection Mr. Lucas Jude had! You are a sweet mommy to make this an occasion for him instead of merely making all the pacis disappear.

  3. Lucas is so dang cute! I love that you saved all of the pacis!

  4. Well, she's pretty much had me in tears for about three days now because of it. Geez.................
    What does truce mean?

  5. I remember those days! They were always harder for me than for the boys! I wouldn't even let Karter give up his bottle until he was over two, because I didn't want to give up my baby! Cute idea to send his pacifiers to Grandma! Very clever. He is a cute one!