Friday, May 16, 2008

"such a mess! such a mess!" - lucas jude {age twoooooo.}

one of the perks of having amy living with us for the moment is that her entertainment weekly magazine comes straight to my mailbox. it took every ounce of will power i had in me yesterday to place it nicely on her bed without sneaking a peek first.
lucky for me she must have flipped through it before going to bed last night because it was sitting on my counter with a sweet note for me this morning.
i spy with my little eyes:
++ a trusty pair of PF flyers ++
++ some leftovers from boys lunch -yesterday ++
++ library books about cats ++
++ a parked sporty coupe ++
++ some i'm-a-sucker crocs ++
++ a pen that was about to draw on "picasso couch" ++

despite the mess that is my entire house at the moment - all i want to do is go lay out in the gorgeous {what-in-the-world!} sunshine and read me some entertainment weekly, folks. is that ok?

happy 90 degrees
love, lindsay


  1. on days like today, sitting in the sun with a magazine (and a fun drink) is the only right thing to do. Clean after the kiddos are in bed!

  2. library books about cats...I love Lucas Jude.

  3. ahh, all the sudden the heat that suffocates is here! please stay spring just a bit longer!
    i miss you, are you gonna come over soon? i think it is my turn to hit the columbia though, oh Lin, you're lucky you missed the seminar, it sold out, and it was nuts!