Thursday, May 22, 2008

reason #342: why you should never go to bed before the sun does

{volume one/ letter three of my blog-letter writing series}

i was only gone for a second. came back and she'd snuck away to bed. it was nearly nine, folks.
dear mimi,
now if this doesn't motivate you to get on the phone and start working those marriott reward points - then i don't know what will. puh-leeeeease.
oh! the concert withdrawls i'm having. it hurts. it hurts so bad. if it's not going to happen tell me soon because i'll need to pack my bags and start walking. i've got a show in california to catch then.
love, lindsay

p.s. does anyone know amy ray's cell phone number? this is getting serious and i need to call in a favor.

love is a mixed tape - just press play:


  1. you should be
    an author

    i'd buy the whole collection.

  2. dear lindsay,
    i called both marriott properties in eugene - no room in the inn. it's olympic tryouts that weekend there? huh? the man i talked to said we could stay at his house because i told him it was for a good cause - we needed to see amy, emily and brandi. when i said it was us plus two boys and a man...he sort of withdrew his offer.
    there's one room at the super 8 for $250. any sponsors out there?
    i wish i had a way to get sound to come out of this computer here. did you find some brandi carlile gems last night?
    how do you know i went to bed? did you check? i could have climbed out the window to go to a party...
    maybe that's how i roll.
    i fell asleep reading the saffron kitchen. so, yea...i was asleep by 10. i could make up a billion maybe you wanted some alone time with your husband..or maybe i secretly wanted to watch a rap musical in my room. or maybe i stole your blackberry and learned all of its tricks, because I'm savvy like that. this is getting serious.
    one thing we look forward to every year. this concert. don't give up hope my little sinny. we should just buy the tickets and wing it.
    amy ray - if you are reading this...please help us out. please.

    thanks for the letter and the song dedication/motivation.

    *ps - i'll start staying up until midnight if you'll wake up to do breakfast with me at 6 am!

  3. Good things happen to those who get to be out in the beautiful morning peacefulness:)

  4. aaaawwww,lin....
    an american tune made me weep. indigo girls singing american tune acapella.
    tears down my face.

  5. Hey girl! What are you doing this weekend? Want some cousin love? Sheri and I are thinking about coming up with my two boys to Seattle on Fri or Sat. You guys want to meet there? Just an idea...