Tuesday, May 13, 2008


a. i feel sick. probably because i drank too much chocolate milk

b. i spent >$25 bucks in late fees today because i could not give back those
my-so-called-life dvds

c. luc had a serious cat theme going on with his library book picks today. i. hate. cats

d. i sometimes count thinking about walking when crossing exercise off of my to-do list

e. i love kenny loggins as much as they love michael buble'

f. blogging is on my nerves. so i've decided to challenge myself to a post-a-day this week

g. lucas just rolled out of his nest on the couch onto the floor and is still sleeping.

h. i'm this close to buying a country album. someone intervene. quick.

i. if you don't know about real-mail karma, you should

j. i miss someone.real bad.

k. i've been daydreaming about a bike since saturday

l. i threw a penny in, wishing for some serious graphic art skills. truly. madly. deeply.

m. a*love is addicted to turning on the sprinklers on non-auto days

n. i'm tired

the end.


  1. I hat that too-much-chocolate-milk sick feeling! And I think you SHOULD buy a country album! Go with Keith Urban!

  2. I hate cats too! Kenny Loggins? I would never have guessed it. Love your personal revelations.

  3. Nothing past O!!

    I love this random list so much. This is what a real mind looks like.

    I like Kenny. He has the best smile too. Can't wait to read all the posts this week.

  4. sinny- that room is real good for sleeping in.
    i love cats. and the smell of cats and carpet cleaner mixed. sick
    thanks for rescue-ing us.
    amy marie

  5. too much chocolate milk? I didn't know their was such a thing!

  6. you know you can get those my so-called life dvds at the library, all of them. You're so glad I told you that huh.

  7. Lindsay, your thoughts are beautiful!

    I hate cats too.
    Guess what? I love Kenny Loggins too, my favorite song? Watching the River Run, and his version of Baby Mine from More Songs from Pooh Corner.
    Go for it, buy a country album, I've bought a few too. The Keith Urban suggestion is a good one!

    Love you, Linds!

  8. Oh, and are you saying that you love kenny loggins, or LOVE kenny loggins?

  9. INTERVENTION!!! Do NOT buy a country album. This is me officially intervening. There. I have done my good deed for the day.

  10. Please, celebrate me home.
    How about when he and Julia teamed up for Birth Energy?
    Does anyone know that you have his guitar pick??
    Oh yeah, and the night we saw HIM at the Waterfront. We were too tired to drive all the way home and got a room in Cle Elum. I wore that Return to Pooh Corner T-shirt forever.
    Go with an old Billy Dean CD if you must and sing that one song really loud.

  11. lin- do you know that the first cd i ever owned (a christmas gift from mag and dan) was mcbride and the ride.
    me again

  12. I need to be there with you so we can exercise together! I love you, and by the way I really think you should buy a country CD I have really started to like country.

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  14. i love lists
    i should make one.

    did you know i am moving into the larson home in about 2 weeks>?

  15. Words of Wisdome from New Hampshire:

    There are worse things to have too much of than chocolate milk.

    I am the Queen of Late Fees, I wait so long in between renting that I finally pay them to rerent, only to rent too many movies cause it's been so long since I rented and am therefore unable to watch them all and return them late and the viscious cycle continues.

    Cats are cool. Independent so when they come to you for affection it's REAL.

    Thinking about walking is too exercise!!

    Do Not, I repeat Do Not buy a country album. James Taylor is always a good pick!

    I love reading about you Larson Chicks. I feel part of the Red Tent Group on the West Coast.

    Love to you all