Thursday, May 15, 2008

"be still my heart" -cousin maren circa 1998

dear electra cruiser super deluxe in aqua/cream:
when i walked into your shop on saturday i was overwhelmed with the comfort smell of lavender and patchouli. finally, a happy place in this tri-town that is the armpit of america. my eyes immediately locked in on you and you haven't left my mind since. day in and day out you are there. images of you and i on future dates cruisin' down road 68 singing "into the mystic" at the top of my lungs. a basket full of flowers, a quick jingle of your bell, the ease of your coaster brakes. i've already planned our future: roadtrips we will take - the volkswagen with a bike rack i'll need to compliment you the way you deserve.
we were meant to be. you and me. did you feel the magic, too? am i reading too much into our first glance at each other? after all your price tag did frighten me at first and i shied away from fully introducing myself. perhaps i didn't bat my eyelashes quite enough?
i must admit that i've compared you to others since we met. i googled you. {i know. i know.} your friend, the amsterdam, while still very stunning with it's generator lights and skirt guard did flatter me - but alas i feel as though she may be a bit too flashy for me. the sarah jessica to your claire danes. you however would compliment me and a sweet pair of red mary janes quite nicely. agreed??
i will be back for you. a little convincing of my husband {he seems to think a fishing boat trumps retro bicycle} and alot more selling of my fabric wares and i will be back for you. don't forget about me.

do i believe in love at first sight? i do now.


  1. I love the beach cruisers, when I move to cali you need to come visit me and we can take a trip to the beach and ride some for only 6$

  2. I have been wanting one of these beauties for awhile now. My crush has intensified thanks to your gushing...and to think we can buy her local!

    Stimulus check, perhaps?

  3. oh jeeez. i have been actually wanting a bike ride these days. mom says i'm not allowed because something about the gravity and my belly making me flip backwards. hahaha i dont know what shes talking about.

  4. did you know that my mom has a bike almost EXACTLY like that just sitting in her back yard not being used :) I should take a picture of it for you.

  5. I love reading your crazy ramblings. You are the me that I wish I could be.

  6. I saw this one as well. That store will shake things up around here..

    Great bike and I do want to see the road 68 ride. That would be worth a picture.

  7. No, Jade you will not flip over backwards! You may have trouble keeping your balance if you haven't been riding all along.

  8. oh goodness! Although I have been wanting a bike also, I have never seen such a cute bike!
    I want to know where this store it also. I need some inspriration :)
    Good luck trying to get it out of your mind, I can see why you keep thinking about it!

  9. i have a volkswagen and a bike rack and a blue bike in tri cities that i need to come pick up. weird huh?