Sunday, October 30, 2011


third year in a row.
caramel apples with my besties. 
only this this year, i did round two.
we needed MORE!

you'll need:
-apples. pretty round ones. i chose gala's.
-caramel bits. one bag covers five (or so) apples.

-white chocolate chips
-brown sugar
-milk chocolate chips

be sure to wash your apples in hot water. 
this melts the shiny wax off and will help the caramel to stick a little better. 
prepare a cookie sheet with waxed paper sprayed with cooking spray.
i used the double broiler method to melt my sweets. it was easier not to burn them that way.
i'm very good at burning things. 
i dipped the apples in caramel first. then let them cool completely in the fridge while melting my chocolate chips.  
i frosted on the chocolate, (i liked that look better than the dipping method) sprinkled on the toppings, then back to the fridge for more chilling. 
the funnest part? packaging them up. 
-black grosgrain ribbon
-manila tags - initialed.
and then delivered!