Friday, October 7, 2011

for sippin' pumpkin steamers on:

i'm still awake.
12:37 a.m.
tryin' to convince myself into (or is it out of) those pillows.
and that rug. 
to change it up around here for the seasons.
only i can't find any curtain panels.
or i'd have clicked 'buy' and gone to bed a loooong time ago. 
help me?


  1. Hopefully you clicked buy! I have been up since 3:50 am, and I finally got up at 4:30 and decided to start cleaning, do some laundry...and check blogs.

  2. you can redo my house too while youre at it. the living room still needs renovation. But those pillows are so cute, and you have the best couch so yeahh.. you need some iKat curtains..