Monday, October 10, 2011

this kind of day.

it's raining outside. 
it was a downpour - now it's just a drizzle. 
and it doesn't smell like pretty rain - it smells like worms. 
and the sky is gray. 
this is not the good kind.
 it matches my mood. 
i woke up in one. 
and since it's raining - i can't escape the laundry pile.
not helping.

the only cure for this - is adventure.
and finding a good song to match. 
it's gonna be iron + wine. from around the well. i'm pretty sure.
and it's a good thing i've got the cutest plaid umbrella,
this side of the blue bridge.
'cause me and those gavi feets - we're going out. 
cath, get those rain boots on the big brown truck and headed this way. stat!


  1. We had rain over here too...our house sits on the edge of town toward the Blue Mountains...I watched as the rain rolled into the valley. I left the door open just enough to let the outside blow in a little, wrapped my fingers around a hot was perfect. I grew up in southeast Alaska where it rains more than it shines. It makes something in my soul feel right about rain.

    p.s. what is a pumpkin steamer...sounds just right, right about now.

  2. OH MY GOSH! I have some many "rainy day wormy smell" memories of kennewick.... :/ feeling for ya sister!