Monday, October 3, 2011

little fox. eleven months.

we went through a long list of names before settling on charlie. 
and an even longer one before we came to charlie grey. 
he was almost harper. 
we rolled the two around in our hearts for days after he was born. 
said them both out-loud. over and over and over again. 
in the end - the decision was mine. 
i played it this way:
if he was charlie - would i miss harper? 
if he was harper - would i miss charlie? 
i missed charlie more. 
i had a dream about a red fox when this little bub was growing in my belly. 
and every time i imagined him after that, i pictured his sly foxy totem. 
his almost middle names: true, red, fox, wild or blue. 
decided on: grey. because of the gray morning rain on the day he was born. 
and well... because it just sounded so. very. handsome. 
i should have gone with fox. or wild. or red. 
his dark baby hair has slowly faded to strawberry. here to stay.
this boy has a wild heart. and i knew it all along. 
it thumped his wild heart message to me while i dreamt and he grew.
this little red fox of mine. 

wild fox photo by Dave AC


  1. Ahhhhh friend. How is it....we know. When still tucked safe and warm inside us...we know. You did a fine job over there on that one...job well done! My second daughter's name is Elliot Marie. Now, I often have to explain that she is not a boy...but girl named Elliot, to MANY people. But she is this unique, rock star of a girl. She just couldn't be saddled with an ordinary name. She is so awesome, unique, FUNNY, capable. All my daughters have a middle name that is after a woman in my family. Audra DeLaine- my maternal grandmother was DeLaine. Elliot Marie- my mother's middle name is Marie. Amelia Lyn- my middle name is Lyn. The women of my family are women of purpose and strong character. I want this legacy to be passed down to my girls, through name and character. So far they all fit their names to a T. I just love those little souls!

  2. I always wanted a Ruby Bleu

    Or a Ginger.
    Maybe I'll still have another go at it.

    Color names are always perfect. So descriptive.

    I love Charlie Grey. He's a fox! grrr

  3. my, my, how time flies.
    I loved those first baby days with you. it was dreamy delicious trying the names on peace baby. i love cg stoyan so much.

  4. Lindsay, I love this. Your foxy Charlie. And I love your thoughtful mothering ways. You make me cry. and you inspire me.

  5. Just found you here, and lovin this post on names.....yes, I also had a dream about my son while pregnant. He showed himself to me with a smile and I knew he would be light skinned with blue eyes and blonde hair-I am dark. Amazing what dreams we can have :) LOVE the Charlie Grey name; Grey sounds like a wonderful "grounded" name, so maybe this will help your fox ;-)