Tuesday, May 3, 2011



lindsay’s journal – jan 6, 2005 at 9:52 pm
this year is my new beginning. my fresh start.
my mom gave me this book.
i miss christine.
i have pretty skin.
time to feel pretty in it.
two months ‘til spring is here.
a good book.
a warm bed.
i dream to be somebody’s mother.
faithy and gabriel for dinner.
abercrombie dream bag is on sale.
jessie’s pink-or-blue was today.
lot’s of water.
too much chocolate. =)
tomorrow is jeans day.
i played the flute in mr. wink’s band.
i crave the smell of seattle.


  1. thank you for sharing! I was just thinking today - how everyone has something....something that brings them down/burdens/struggles
    we all need each other - I love you, friend - that I've never met :) and feel like you're a sister I'm longing to get together with! one day, I pray, God will cross our paths!!

  2. I like this.
    I think May 4, 2011: I dream to be someone's mother someday.

    We'll see where that leads me 5 years from now.

    I miss you.

  3. i remember that day.
    you gave me a book, wrapped up pretty, that opened my eyes. i was so glad you were there.
    your linked story on ruffled sunshine was gorgeous. i love that you love being a mother. it helps me to love it too. love you, lin.