Thursday, May 19, 2011

chase wesley: a lumberjack baby shower

as soon as i got word that my aunt amy in wyoming was growing babe – i called dibs on planning her a baby shower. and as soon as i got word that her babe was a boy i got to work. i was so inspired by this style board made by joni of laybabylay and i still can’t get that lumberjack plaid out of my mind. (it may make another appearance in charlie’s new crib.) i headed right to the fabric store and picked out my favorite shirting plaids.
a piece of my favorite shirting was stitched to the top of each invite with contrasting mustard yellow thread. i loved how they turned out and i’ve tucked one away to save.

i’m not a huge fan of shower games but we did play one simple get-to-know-you game and the winner took home some of amy’s favorite things. i also had each guest fill out a little ‘wish card’ for amy to share with her boy someday.
wish-for-babe (click on the image to download)

these little rosemary plants were potted in glass jars and wrapped with more of the plaid shirting and tied with twine. root beer bottles were the perfect makeshift vases for dried billy buttons and were placed throughout the home.

the favors were my favorite part of the preparations. gavin helped me the night before the shower and it was the perfect project for us to do together. we followed this tutorial. it was so simple and they turned out perfectly! gavi may or may not have had a snitch of bird seed while we were at it, too. my dad suggested that we try the same idea with granola sometime. mmmmm!
each guest went home with their bird feeder tucked safely into one of these muslin bags. each was stamped with a tree full of mama birdies. so sweet!
but the best part? the best part was that little chase wesley made an unplanned early arrival. two weeks early! and lucky for the us, the babe made a quick little appearance at the shower.  i was sure to get in a good snuggle and some snapshots before heading back to washington.DSC_0228

i love that i got to celebrate amy. that the excuse to plan her shower meant keeping her in my constant thoughts. she was such an important part in both lucas’ and gavin’s birth stories. i loved being a part of her growing season – i am so happy that i get to watch her mother again. so happy that she added this sweet bundle to our family.


  1. Lindsay,
    I love it you are creative and amazing!!

  2. Wow Lindsay, this shower is seriously amazing. I love every part!

  3. LOVE IT!! It's always so fun to see what you are going to come up with next!

  4. oooh yay so happy to see this! cutest best baby shower stuff ever. love that little chase.

  5. thank you for a perfect day linny.
    we love you. chase growls sometime. not sure what that means. he's part wolf?

  6. All of that plaid has me wishing for a new little boy to bundle up!

    I love, love, love the bird feeders!

  7. Like Sycamore Girl says: you ought to be a professional. You have so much incredible talent. What a lovely shower you threw for Amy!

  8. What a cute baby shower! I love the lumberjack theme

  9. Every detail is perfect but those little bird feeders stole my heart. Love them!

  10. I'm so sad all of your sweet comments were lost in Blogger's meltdown this week.

    I can't get enough of that cute flannel shirting. Love it!

  11. Lumberjack theme?!?! So cute + original. The little heart shaped birdie feeders are so sweet too.

    It was fun to meet you, although the reason for the meet-up was not a fun one. You're beautiful and little Charlie Grey is absolutely perfect.

    Happy Sunday to you!