Thursday, April 7, 2011

this day:

rainbow banner on the window. his side.
glitter banner in the kitchen. mine.
note to self: he peeks at presents.
a good morning love letter.
decorating cupcakes. frosting on fingers. “that’s an angry bird!” says gavi.
doorstep surprise. kind sewing. sea salt cookies i’ll never forget. i’ll crave!
a smoothie. a sandwich. a cake pop. a full belly. a thoughtful friend.
a phone call i can count on. year after year after year. 15 years. BFF.
cousins! and presents! and rainbow colors! and “oh my gosh!”
wax crayon wrappers. an experiment.
a gazillion happy ‘facebook’ birthdays!
andrey at work. on the roof. in the sunshine. in the clouds.
a brown truck. a big box. 
lukey and legos.
a little nursling’s giggles.
dinner date. to anywhere. a parking lot kiss.
a pretzel wants to come home.
plants in my pots. thumps my heart.
super hero couch jumps.
candle in a cake pop. “happy birthday to YOU!”
a silver box. a silver bow. a free people prize.
chase wesley walker. six pounds. breathe deep. colostrum text. a-mazing.
xavier rudd. two tickets.
a little square card. from my little sister. to break the ice.
brownies wrapped in paper and string. matroyska stamp. white ink.
black and white plaid. i had to have. and she knew it.
a phone call from my dad.
don’t give up – a paper cut. inspired.
sleeping boys. three little, one big.
so tired.


  1. Happiest of happy to you on your birthday!!! The 30's are AWESOME....welcome to a great decade!!

  2. aww you blogged about my paper cut! it was very hard. i know this because my index finger is throbbing this morning. i'm glad you had a good birthday. i want an angry bird cupcake. such a good idea lin! seee you sOON!

  3. So happy your day was so special!

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  5. Happy Day Linny!!! Love you.