Monday, April 4, 2011

PROJECT: craft – Spring Edition


i had a PROJECT: craft hangover the sunday morning after this event. it took every little bit of get-up-&-go to pull myself out from under the covers and off to sunday school.
the creative manic that happens during the week before is what i crave. being swallowed up into a detail obsession.
we found ourselves fifteen-minutes-‘til-the doors-open with every check box filled. with every finishing touch assembled we said,“now what?!”
we did this by ourselves.
eight plus one extra kids between the two of us, too.
us and the trusting thirty three ladies that clicked on ‘buy tickets now!’
and i’m beaming with craft happy pride.
a true collaboration between danyelle and i. my favorite part? when we’d ask each other, “how are you picturing the favors/the ribbons/the name tags?” and then we’d set out putting together what the other was seeing. when my ideas got stuck – she took over and added the just-what-it-needed-touch. it was PROJECT: crafty magic, i tell you.
what happens the day after the hangover…?
something like this: 

dandee: ready for summer edition?
lovely lindsay: i’m picturing picnic tables.
dandee: and sunshine.

are YOU in? 
love, lindsay

photo credit: mrs. tiffany wilcox of you look nice today photography


  1. oh i will definately try to make it to summer! love this lin. i think its so cool that you are doing this, makes me soooo jealous. you are so creative.

  2. I don't have a crafty bone in my body, but you two seriously make me to want to get my craft on. And that's saying something! Maybe I'll take the plunge for the Summer edition...

    You both did an amazing job and I've loved hearing of all the little details and especially seeing the beautiful pictures of the night.

  3. you did such a great, great job! Thank you for sharing all of your creativity and heart with us.

    I was really worried when I moved here last summer that there wouldn't be a lot of things locally that fit into what I like to do-that's why I'm so grateful for things like Project:Craft! Thank you ;)