Wednesday, July 15, 2009

so happy you were born

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we’re lucky to get my dad here for his birthday today.
lucas and i spent the morning getting all the goodies ready.
can’t wait to celebrate him over chocolate cake.
love, lin

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  1. Chuck is the best!
    You know when I realized what a great guy he is? Last summer I was fresh fom my divorce and feeling really guilty that I couldn't teach my boys how to fish since I don't know how. Your dad spent so much time with them, getting their tackle on and teaching us how to cast, then helping them when they caught some. I was amazed at his patience and so grateful he could help them when I couldn't. That meant so much to me.
    I've always liked your dad, but last summer is when I really knew what a wonderful man he is. Happy Birthday Chuck!

  2. lucky daddy, lucky papa. thanks for taking such good care of him.

  3. Ummm...can we please talk about that cake?

    I need some. Find me soon.

    Happy Birthday to your daddy.

  4. Happy Birthday Chuck!! I can finally say that to someone and it makes sense! (it is from a wallace and grommit movie) I hope your dad had a great birthday!

  5. I LOVE daddies! I'm sure yours is just as spectacular as mine is! I wish they would stay for always.

    It was good to finally meet you in person. What a lovely family you have! Oh, and I'm dusting off my old hand-me-down sewing machine tonight. Yes!

  6. How come everything you do has always been so beautiful? You are lucky to live close to your parents.

    As for music...some Diana Krall, Andrea Boccelli, Gerald de Palmas (French stuff), and definitely Bob Marley. I can't believe you found that mixed tape!

    Can I get an invite to your secret blog...or is it too secret?