Wednesday, July 29, 2009

baby mine

mice 003

i was just on the phone with an old friend and realized that today 
is gavi’s birthday.
six months old for heaven’s sake. already?!

to watch lukey play outside
to kick his chubby baby feets in the kiddie pool
to have nibbles of baby food
to hear his daddy’s voice
loud rockin’ franti music in the car

to be by himself
to not be able to reach me while he’s sleeping
that i like to go out to late night concerts
sitting in the bumbo seat
to go to bed at night
…or take a nap

lucas and i were looking through old pictures on the computer
and saw one of me big and pregnant.
“ohhhhh!” he said. “there’s baby gav when he was still in your belly”

six months has happened in a blur.


  1. I can't believe it either!

    You need to add to the "Hates" list:
    When mama tries to watch SYTYCD.

  2. And he likes long walks to see horses by grandma's house!

  3. i COMPLETELY understand! 9 months has been a blur for me...

  4. I know what you mean...Kaze is already 9+ months old...crazy! Can't wait to see you VERY soon!

  5. When we sat together during Relief Society, I kept wondering how it was possible that he had grown so big. He's so sweet, that Gavin!

  6. Sometimes blurs are beautiful. In hindsight.
    Have you ever made a Quiet Book? I am thinking of venturing...found this blog with patterns and instructions. I thought of you and your skill in creativity and sewing- could be a cool project. Check it:
    Let me know!

  7. Oh, Gavi! You make me so happy! I love the memory of your birth and replay it often. See you soon, squishy baby bliss!

  8. Sweet baby Gavin! I wish I lived close, so I could come over and cuddle him while you and Lucas go outside to play.

  9. Oh my, already???? It doesn't seem possible.

    But he is quite the adorable boy!