Friday, January 11, 2008

snips and snails and puppy dog tails. that's what little boys are made of!

i asked reno if he would clean my car for five bucks. he said, "oh sinny. i don't need a job."
lucas just asked me for a muffin in his most sly of boy voices. the muffin he speaks of is topped with spoonfuls of confetti frosting. they are indeed not muffins but cupcakes. i fell for it anyways.
we set out the other day, detective gear in hand. off to find our fortune in reno's back yard. warm jackets, and lot's of giggles. the fortune: berries, clovers, shiny rocks, curly twigs and even a very old and sort of crunchy caterpillar. business as usual for these boys.
cam-reno and lucas jude (almost four and nearly two)

business as usual for me:
albums recently purchased and highly recommend:
*JUNO soundtrack
*josh ritter (the historical conquests of josh ritter)

books i've just read and highly recommend:
*the kite runner -khaled hosseini
*the bean trees -barbara kingsolver

today is the last day to comment on this post. tonight is the night we pick the prize winner!


  1. I just LOVE little boys!! They make a momma's heart swell!! I am sure they were the best detectives this world has seen.

    Happy hunting little Sherlock Luc!

  2. Okay, I love where you guys live and I have never even been there! What a fun time for cousins to go on adventures! I want to go on an adventure there too!

  3. i like luc's big boy step.
    we call andrea's sister "step"
    im pissed today.
    i miss you.

  4. i knew it couldnt be true, that you were in bed. it was only 11 here, it made me feel weird.
    and whats the creep commercial? you know i dont watch tv, ever!

    teeth dreams are very common and can mean a few things. so you can narrow it down.
    christine just said presley looks homeless.

  5. Oh my cuteness! That was an adorable post Lindsay! EeeeK!

  6. I think our boys make great detectives, builders, "spinamans", wrestlers/jumpers....
    nice photos.
    p.s. -reno's mom needs a car cleaner, too.
    pretzel looks homeless? tell her to move here - my kid does too.

  7. your blog makes me want to be so so crafty.

  8. oh what fun what fun. I love how blue those berries are in that picture. Your little Lucas is going to be quite the adventurer I can already tell. And I'm going to have to check out these Bean Trees you speak of.