Sunday, January 6, 2013


today was a big day!
boy two started primary... and he was not happy about it.
that frown up there - it's legit.
no toys? no fishy crackers and dixie cup of water?!
no. way.
his happy dimple did make an appearance when he noticed his cousin elias sitting a few rows behind him. pretty sure they winked at each other. 
and he cracked another sly grin a little bit later during scripture POWER!
he did however reverently walk arms folded to class afterwards.
and waved me a sweet little good-bye.
i picked him up from class an hour later.
sunbeam crown on.
all smiles.
it felt like ages ago that i was sitting in the front row with this sunbeam.
i love these boys.


  1. Your boys are always dressed so cute. Love this picture. I'm so glad he got his crown and ended up in smiles. :)

    1. so happy to see a little note from you, sarah! hopefully you had a good primary switch-up day today, too.
      love, lindsay

  2. I've got a little sunbeam again too. my baby is getting too big. Your sunbeam is so cute. I loved teaching your little lukey sunbeam, he was the cutest, and was always such a helper!

  3. Oh, how I love this picture of my friend, Gavin! I love him for his ability to express his truest feelings, without reserve!

  4. i just love Gavin so much. He is the wisest. And once he picked me flowers.

  5. My little one, Zachary, started his little journey in primary as a sunbeam on Sunday as well. I can't say that my heart didn't break just a little. Gavin looks completely adorable. I absolutely love the look on his sweet sunbeam face.