Tuesday, January 15, 2013

making up.

g-g-g-gavin got invited to his first real birthday party! the invitation was dropped off at the door with his name on it. not luc's. not the stoyan boys. just capital G-A-V-I-N. gavin.

he was beyond thrilled. he carried it around all day. folded it up and stuck it in his pocket. and pulled it out for days. and days.

party day came. party day went. i forgot. and then felt horrible. 

so to make up for it - we invited his newly four-year-old friend over today. and met him at the door with balloons and cupcakes. nothing a little funfetti from a box, chocolate frosting straight from the jar and some a cappella haaaaappy birthdaaaay, dear everyone (just to be fair) can't fix. am i right??!

four year olds are funny. four year olds are best, really. 
and my silly little gavin will be four in two weeks! really. really?!
i can't wait to celebrate him. he's requested a giraffe party.
what in the world does that mean? 

ps: that squirrel shirt up there - anyone else see the resemblance? they're practically twins.


  1. Are you kidding me? Lucy requested a giraffe party for her 4th too. I was similarly at a loss. Made giraffe tails and ears for kids to wear, and that was about as thematic as it got.

    1. Shauna:
      hahaha! tell me more!
      ps: this makes me miss you + lucy.

  2. You my dear, are a GOOD momma. He will never, EVER forget this special party! And good luck with your giraffe party!

  3. Preston had so much fun! He absolutely loved the snake toy. Thanks for being such a great friend! Friday playdate, yes? My boys would be so excited for another Stoyan playdate. We can talk details on facebook....

  4. Aww, I think you definitely made up for it!

  5. love the "dear everyone" song. good mama, you are.

  6. What a thoughtful idea for what was a simple mom mistake