Wednesday, June 15, 2011

where are you, dog days?

our no-school-summer-days,
are still overcast and cloudy. 
we're grateful for:
cousin asher bird
leather mitts, a real big boy baseball
and some classic big league chew.
just playin' catch - for hours.
they saved the day.

i love these boys.
la la love them.


  1. Oh that's my boy! I really thinking I'm softening to baseball, loved his outfit when he came home:)

  2. Asher Bird is tall!
    Jack would LOVE to come play catch with the boys.He's been Presley's 'patient' for checkups the last few days.
    I got me some Big League Chew last week, 'stuffs good.
    Thanks for always answerin your phone when I call, i really miss you guys.