Thursday, December 9, 2010

where i belong

photo snitched from her

in the plans for months. big secrets kept with our lips sealed tight. and now we’ve already come and gone. checked every happy place off of a long list of must see’s. filled our bellies with the yummiest of foods. filled our suitcases with treasures. we were moved by music - in the car, in a theatre, in a giant conference center. we were moved by mountains. we shared late night worries and giggles until our eyes were closing. if you haven’t seen the sights with these ladies – well i think you should. they each have the perfect balance of sweet spirit/wild heart. i think my mom explained us something like this: “these are the girls that make things pretty.”

i am lucky.

read danyelle’s utah first’s here and marilyn’s notes here. and hopefully a hipstamatic photo or two will pop up here.


  1. You have a way of making me cry with your words.

    This trip was pure fun, and I hope it becomes a tradition.

  2. Your mom described you all perfectly!!

    Love this picture.