Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the trimmings

holly wrapped 001

the mood has to be right for me to package up my gifts.
it has to be just the right day. not too early in december but early enough that the packages get a spot under the tree for counting and re-arranging.
there has to be music. christmas music. classics and newbies. a little mariah carey. not-gonna-lie.

and i must be feeling happy.

i’ve kept an on-going collection of pretty trimmings under the table in my craft room for the last few december weeks. there’s been no handmade gifts this year. i crossed that off my list of to-do’s long ago – knowing that come the month of december i’d still be in the transitioning stages of welcoming boy three (whom we now refer to as mister-wild-charlie-grey.) wrapping the gifts up would need to be my creative holiday outlet.

i felt like a happy little birdie yesterday when i pulled out my collection. it was THE absolute last day to get packages off to the post office and i spent ALL of tuesday morning humming away at my kitchen table. but first i had to recover the gifts from their secret hiding places around the house. i studied them all one last time and daydreamed away about the people they were being sent off to.

this years collected trimmings:
*black yarn
*a yard of black + red lumberjack flannel
*silver striped masking tape
*teeny-tiny crisp white tags
*a spool of glittery silver ribbon
*clay monogrammed tags (made by lukey + me especially for wrapping day)

holly wrapped 014
a phone call was made to my natalie-sister in the middle of my taping, tying and happy jingle belling.

“i’ve got three boys. one that must be carried. one that moves too fast and one that dilly-dallies. and i’ve got packages. big ones. i must get to the post-office. today! the line is going to be sooooooooo long. what would you do?” i asked. practically singing with gift wrapping giddy-ness.

we came up with several solutions.

some of the best:
*dropping the baby off to be snuggled –leaving me with only two wilds to wrangle
*hiring a car-sitter to sit in the car with the children
*stroller and suckers and a BIG red santa bag
*calling the whole thing off
holly wrapped 016

luckily for me, andrey saved the day. and i went to post-office alone.
i sang carols the whole way there and may or may not have still used a big red santa bag. 

love, lin


  1. Next time call me! I love to watch little kids so that you can get stuff done. And I can always use some baby snuggling time. You are amazing. Love ya!

  2. A perfect morning! Merry Christmas Lindsay!

  3. You didn't tell me you had the cutest wrapping paper ever! Ummm, I still don't have any, wanna share? Or at least tell me where you got it! ;) I hope you have the happiest Christmas ever!

  4. I just have to say, I love your blog and I adore how you wrapped your Christmas packages. You probably don't remember me, but I met you at Haley Harris' baby shower during the summer. Anyway, I found your blog through her and just wanted to let you know that I love it!

  5. i got my christmas card today, silver striped tape and all, I made it home to an empty house and got to discover MY holiday cheer in the mailbox myself! i'm glad you got to come see us this month, i am missing you for the holiday, hopefully with my new schedule for 2011 i'll sneak away for a 3 day weekend which i now will always have....lets make it happen!

  6. Can I just have a pretty package, nothing needs to be inside:)

  7. i picked that black and white snowflake wrapping paper this year too. same same. packages are only adorned with dorky bows-from-a-bag....
    come over today...