Monday, December 27, 2010

baby mine.

charlie zen 016charlie grey – month two

i’ve been writing charlie’s birth story in my mind. waiting for the right words to tell of how he came to me. and they’re starting to come. bits and pieces. the ones i remember and the ones that have been told to me. my births take a settling time. a getting used to before i can write them. i’ve still yet to write luc’s birth in my words – as it’s still settling. gavin’s came quickly. and i’m swimming in this little charlie-boy’s until i sort them out a bit more.

we like to joke that we should have named him charlie zen. he’s THAT good. and maybe we still will. something amazing has happened with me and raising up charlie. probably due to his zen-ness. it feels like i’ve had all the time in the world to soak him in. there was really no struggle to mother him. he just happened one morning and everything else just happened with him. while he is still growing too quickly – changing from newborn to baby in a blink - i feel like i’ve been watching him in slow motion at the same time.

i’ve been:
folding up the teeny-tiny clothes and pulling out the next size up.
watching baby wrists grow too chubby for handsome boy bracelets.
ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing  at more new smiley tricks and less sleeping bundles.

he’s growing and i’m watching.
he’s happening and i’m not missing a thing.
he’s calmed me and i’m soaking it in.


  1. i like this post. lin, he really is THAT good. You're lucky.

    my word verification is "unborm" oi vey...

  2. He is so sweet. I love those happy baby smiles he was giving me on Sunday.

  3. I'm so happy that CG came to you, to your house, to your family. He is a magical boy. I love him!

  4. i think i love charlie the most out of any aunt or grandma, okay?
    i will babysit anytime you wanna fly me into town!
    i miss you guys

  5. This is just lovely to read. I am 10 weeks away from bringing baby girl number three home to our house and I am nervous that I won't allow myself the pleasure to just be with her. I KNOW it goes so fast, I've done this two times before and I feel like each time I did not give it the respect and attention it deserved. I started graduate school four months after the birth of my first child. Squeezed the birth of my second girl in between spring semester and summer semester of my last year. And had to put them both in day care full time so I could finish my internship for four months. I so want to have learned my lesson and do it right this time. This was so lovely to read, you make it sound right. Thanks. Vicki