Thursday, September 30, 2010

the brothers, three

cowBOYS 008

the wee babe is on my mind.
i can picture it now.
this nameless new boy addition.
with just a few weeks to go – we’re ready.
the brothers, three.
i can’t wait to watch them adventure together.
 cowBOYS 002


  1. What is it about seeing little boys dressed up as cowboys that makes me all mushy inside? They are so darn cute, and I can't wait to see the new baby in the mix.

  2. such an exciting time...anticipating.

    wishing you the best in your birthing experience, peace and comfort and a healthy mama and baby.

    looking forward to hearing your story #3, i love birth stories and yours are so sweetly written.

    take care

  3. Ohhh, the book is open to his page, a page still blank.. Get out your best pen for this story Lindsay. It's gonna be oh so beautiful.

  4. This time of my pregnancy was my favorite for baby #3. I loved the musings, the contemplating, the joy of my baby inside and snug.
    I am excited to meet your new nameless boy. He is coming into so much love and boyness.