Friday, September 10, 2010

and… he’s off!

preschool big boy 010preschool big boy 036
it was a big week for us over here.
my biggest boy – mr. lucas jude himself started preschool.

his first year.
the big kid three-hours-a-day/three-days-a-week kind.
he was excited.
i was nervous.

i got up early and made boy a mickey mouse pancake.
he had no idea i was capable of such things.

we brushed teeth, combed hair, pinned buttons on his new backpack, tied new school shoe laces and sent text pictures to grammy.

oh – and had a talk about keeping his ninja turtle fighting skills in check while out in the real world.

i walked him into ms. kristen’s classroom fully expecting/hoping that he’d ask me to stick around.
instead he hung up his pack on the hook marked L-U-C-A-S and said, “bye mom!”

oh. <<lump in throat>>
preschool big boy 011
run lucas run.
an invisible kite string connects me to you.  
this is only the beginning, isn’t it…


  1. Oh he is so handsome in his new school duds. It is only the beginning and I hate to say it but for some of us it doesn’t get better either. Enjoy em' while ya can :)

  2. what a doll!! his is so adorable Linds--- i know the feeling. its so good have independent kids- but hard when they actually show it. :)

  3. boy, oh boy do i know...

    getting bigger has such benefits and such tugs on the heartstrings.
    it's easier this way though, than if he cried and hung on your leg--that would really break your heart.

    just the beginning...

  4. I haven't experienced the boys willingness to go unless he's with his papa...but even that triggers a small lump in my throat. What? You don't NEED me? He will always NEED you Lindsay because YOU are HIS mama.

  5. Oh Lindsay I know how you feel - this is the first year that the boys told me they didn't want/need me to walk them to their room on the first day of school. I was betrayed/proud/heartbroken/happy all at once.
    Lucas has some super cute shoes on though. ;-)

  6. Those pics are so handsome. It is a strange feeling, they still feel like your babies the moment before they go and all of a sudden they grow up. This post tugged at my heartstrings!

  7. I'm so proud of Lukey and his mama.

  8. Oh, that boy. That face. He is just so handsome and so sweet.

  9. I love the way you dress your boys. Lucas is such a beautiful boy, but don't tell him I said that!

  10. Lukie is one handsome preschooler. Love that smile.

  11. cute little backpack! j.crew? i've been trying to find one in yellow for my little miss, but can't seem to find a retailer in the states. boo.

    He sure is a handsome little guy! xoxo

  12. He is all sorts of lovely. It's only the beginning. I wish it got easier. lots and lots of love. x

  13. We have a first Kindergarten and a Preschooler over here. Sometimes, bigger is hard. Here's mine: