Sunday, January 31, 2010

this boy’s party

january out the door 002:: i printed out pictures of gavin’s first year and strung them all over the house ::
 one year later! 019:: gift bags for cousins – planned/picked/stuffed by big brother ::

one year later! 197:: lemon cream cheese cupcakes! ::
  one year later! 033:: presents from all of gavin’s lovies::
a shaker rattle handmade by faith + asher
a bob marley shirt from kody + jade + regg
a handful of happily wrapped goodies grandpa stowed on the plane from grammy’s house
the biggest-most-loved-orange-bouncy-ball-ever!  from amelia + uncle jeffrey

one year later! 061:: birthday hat – handmade by his crafty cousin faith astoria ::

one year later! 104    :: a bucket of gavin pictures to thumb through while washing cupcakes down with IBC root beer ::


i promise you that despite the picture below -
grouchy gavin did manage to smile and enjoy himself during his quick lil’ celebration.
the giant orange ball was all the party rage.
happiest i’ve ever seen him in his whole 365 days!
silly, silly boy - i love him so. 
 one year later! 129


  1. Happy Birthday Gavin!! I love the pictures on the string. So cute. What a lucky boy.

  2. wish i was there on his special day. he looks so cute! i love you gavin boy! i just cant wait to seeeee you!!! happy birthday to him, man time is flyin fast... Lin. You always have the cutest ideas, how do you come up with it? every time its somethin new. and i'm jealous. youre lucky to have that talent....

  3. Happy Birthday Gavin! What a sweet little party! :) Great job, momma!

  4. happy birthday little gavin.
    i'm sad that we missed that party!
    a big orange ball??? lucky

  5. what a completely charming birthday celebration! seriously.

    see you tomorrow!

  6. Love it! You come up with the best things!

  7. Your pictures look sooo good. Love the party! I also love simple family parties at this age.

  8. What a fun birthday for your sweet little guy!

    And Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes sound absolutely divine!

  9. Lins- You are too cute. I can't tell that you love your kids to death! What a fun fun party! You are so creative. I love his little hat. I made max his name with big wooden letters, and that same paper I used for his "x". I love it. Great job. I can't believe he's already 1. Time seriously goes by too fast!

  10. You are so unbelievably cute and talented!

    Happy Birthday little Gavin!

    I second Tiffani's comment about the cupcakes!

  11. oh, that last picture...classic little gavey boy.

  12. just found your blog, so cute!!! love your style : )