Tuesday, January 5, 2010

must. get. well.

 so sick i might die 003 {the view from tucked in my covers}

i finally gave in and went to the doctor tonight. going on day five of fighting some fierce sick-o of a germ. each day a new symptom. each day a little worse than the last. come to find out i’ve got a raging ear infection. adults should not have ear infections. and to top it all off i’ve completely lost my voice. 
thank the heavens for text messaging.
thank the heavens for late night rosanne re-runs
thank the heavens for friends that feed my family.
thank the heavens for comfy duvets.
i’m going to tuck myself in with a new book. a ridiculous love story.
send me get well wishes, would ya?
this is the pits.


  1. i hope you feel better...ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are the third adult i have heard of that has had an ear infection within these past few weeks...weird. something must be going around.

    happy comfy duvet cuddling!

  2. You poor thing!

    Get better. Soon. But do enjoy your down time since you have to have some.

    And, your Christmas and New Year's posts were beautiful my dear. Love you.

  3. Snuggle in cherub, rest and let your body do its work getting better. I hate that feeling when you're sick and it seems like you'll never feel well again, but hang in there hopefully it won't stay much longer! xxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    I've been a lurker on your blog for a while. Just want to say 'GET.WELL.SOON!'

    I'm sick too, and this stuff is yucky!


  5. So sorry you're feeling blue. I hope it passes quickly.

  6. hope by the time you read this that you are feeling oh so much better. xox

  7. oh lindsay,
    i feel so badly that you are sick.
    it is the worst.
    i was super sick right before Christmas and it was awful.
    i think moms should be allowed to be sick.
    thinking of you and sending hugs and get well wishes!

  8. edited...my comment should have read "I don't think moms should be allowed to get sick"!!!!!


  9. I feel you cousin! I was super sick for Christmas...through to New Years. I am pretty sure I had an ear infection too, but I didn't want to get up to go to the doctor. BED. That is the best place to be.
    And call your brother for a blessing!!

  10. So sorry that you've been sick. I think every virus in the land hit you at once. Hopefully you're good for at least five years! I'm so glad your voice is coming back. Love you baby girl

  11. Get. Well. Soon. Cuz we have a date!

  12. UG! That was me for the whole month of December, so sorry!

    Get better soon.

  13. Get well and enjoy your book!!