Friday, January 29, 2010

baby mine

moons gonna follow me home 001 gavin west – year one

“he could've been here all along
he could've been anyone
but there is no one who - could wake my heart like this
could break my world in two
::i felt a suddenness::
the day fell completely still
the dream was a lot like this
but I never knew until
he came to meet me”

happy “birth” day baby boy.
i still can’t believe we did what we did that day.
i love you.


  1. I heart you.

    And why were you up t 1:21 in the morning? Good grief girl.

    Happy birthday little man.

  2. LOVE this picture!

    Happy Birthday Gavin! (did I mention I love that name? It is my brother's name)

  3. Amazing the way your heart grows so there is enough room to love them so much.

  4. year :)
    Happy Birthday Gavin! You have one awesome family and the most loving mom ever! Lucky boy :)