Thursday, March 26, 2009

lazy daaaaaze.

baby brother is fast asleep. quietly snoozing in his swing. which means i have a quick minute of free hands to type until he realizes he is not being held. i’m still in my pajamas and sat down to purge some of my thoughts.

i heard a sweet lukey voice singing behind me and turned around to catch this:

my little friend who i feared had officially turned into a tantrum-crazed-naughty-boy (ie: cutting off his cousin’s ponytail, painting hot pink on my carpet, kicking and screaming on the shopping mall floor) was sweetly singing a made up happy song to his animals.

i snapped a picture, loaded it up… and today’s blogging thoughts are being postponed.
i’m going to take this minute of free hands to go snuggle with lucas jude.

loves, lin


  1. Being a big boy is hard. But he will get the hang of it. Right now Tyce is laughing hysterically while SPINNING his baby brother in the johnny jumper. Kaze is going to puke. I just had to stop and get the video camera!! Have a good snuggle with Luc!

    P.S. We are ALL in our PJ's still and even went and got a Diet Coke in them! Oh boy...he CUT off the ponytail. Oi!

  2. Oh no, he cut someone's ponytail off? Hopefully his cousin had lots of hair to go around.

    I wish I could have visited with you a little more the other night. Actually I don't think we visited at time!

  3. can't wait for my date with lukey tomorrow. we're gonna have a swell time!

  4. Cutting off a ponytail, woah mamma! Oh the picture I'm getting in my head is cracking me up. You must have felt horrible!

  5. Lin... He's getting so big! I'm still shocked and want to hear the story about the pony tail incident.