Thursday, March 19, 2009

hellooooo there.

greetings from my parent's living room. 
andrey and i did something crazy last week. 
we jumped in our car after only a few hours of weighing our thoughts and drove our family + one slavic-hard-worker-boy and travelled over the mountains. 
andrey and friend have been scaling the eighteen foot walls. painting them a cheery butter yellow while i chase one stoyan boy while nursing another. the house is complete chaos. i am currently tucked in between the dining room hutch and a kitchen table full of what used to be on the walls. 
but it is sweet. and cozy and i've spent a crazy week tagging along with my mama, catching a glimpse of my sisters and just being here. 
back to real life on monday. phone calls to be made. bills to be paid. emails to be replied to. laundry to be done. packages to be sent. 

but for now, i think i'll cozy up into this little nook {between the hutch and kitchen table} for a few days longer.
goodnight loves, 


  1. We HAVE to get together!!! I am calling you today!

  2. okay...i can't get ahold of you so call me on your way can stop and get lunch at our house! (if you have time). If not...I hope to be in tri-town SOON!

    Love you!

  3. Hopefully when you make your way back over the mountains, I'll have a sweet new boy for you to meet.

  4. come back come back we miss you! LOTS!

  5. Wasn't it insane crazy? I spent a night on the love seat that was smooshed up against the piano!Everything looks so pretty now. It was worth it. I hope Slavic and Andrey have recovered!

  6. glad to see you guys a bit. your babe is getting bit (both of them) glad you got to have a noodlesandco date with me. i slept over on saturday night, i didnt know you guys left so early. call me!
    Did mom just quote eminem?

  7. So glad you had a good time, and so glad you are back to posting. I missed you!