Friday, March 6, 2009

file this one under: miscellaneous

"i want a big red car
i want fancy new guitar
i want a house with a big back deck
and i want to come home with a big paycheck
i want to ride a harley davidson
and i want to live in a great big mansion
i want to sleep for hours and hours
i want a garden full of beautiful sunflowers

...and i want to be friends with tom petty"
-dayna manning

...and i want one of these pretty little ladies:
i want alot of indulgent things right now. nonsense things. sooooo many things.

nothing important. and nothing that will bring me any great lasting happiness. but i'm pretty sure they'd make me happy for a moment. and sometimes that's ok, too.


  1. We have one in our garage but it's not blue, ya want it?

  2. How funny! Would you use it for typing, or just for looks?

  3. christine has a typewriter. thanks for the fabric swatches i need to narrow it down.

    oh ps i want a front porch too.

  4. That blue is so pretty. It would look right at home in your craft room. I say go for it.

  5. I love those blue typewriters. I'm on the search for a RED one.

  6. i love you lin send lucas over if u want were bored phoneless tooo

  7. i want one of those bags you made danyelle that is on her website today! ya know, in case you get bored or anything! ;-) wink, wink; hint, hint.

    xo, jenny

  8. Im right there with you! Its fun to want things that are random once in a while. :) Ur funny. hope that lil baby of urs is doing good!!