Sunday, February 1, 2009

"he came to meet me..." -hem

lindsay's journal entry - january 28, 2009 10:36 pm

dear baby:
you should see the moon tonight. the tiniest little sliver. it's your moon. it makes me think of you and how you will be here soon.

i can tell.
you're getting ready.
so am i.

it's a big journey you're about to make. you're about to leave your safe spirit place to come and meet me and i can't wait to see you. to look in your little baby eyes and wonder of where you've been. oh! the stories you'll have to tell. we'll remember each other quickly and we'll be old soul-friends in no time. i promise to love you so good - my sweet boy.
love, mama
"he could've been here all along, he could've been anyone
but there is no one who
could wake my heart like this...
could break my world in two

i felt a suddenness

the day fell completely still
the dream was a lot like this
but i never knew until... he came to meet me"


  1. gorgeous...stunning. congratulations, i am tears because i can't wait to meet my little man & am so excited that you have gotten to meet yours.

  2. I'm so happy Gavin is safely and happily here.

  3. Super Congratulations! Hope you are enjoying your new little one.

  4. Congratulations! Your little bundle of hope and happiness is here. I bet little Luc is just waiting to hold him and love him.

    Again Congratulations Mama and the wonderful job you did!


  5. Congratulations! He is beautiful and your sweet words to him on the eve of his birth are priceless.

    Enjoy every minute.

  6. Lindsay,

    I really really really love the name Gavin. Such a great choice.

    I am so happy for you and can't wait to come by and see this gorgeous little guy, but I must wait until I am no longer sick and coughing.

    Soon, I hope.


  7. lindsay i am so happy and cant even believe you did that. you are a good mama. and you brought him into this world all on your own safely and healthy and i am so proud of you doing that! he's perfect i think hes the cutest thing i've ever seen! besides rej.. haha. i love your family. i love you!

  8. i cant wait to meet come talk to him. hes very sweet.
    i need to hear more about his journey though.

  9. it's about time we got a picture!

  10. Congrates on a gorgeous baby, glad you are doing well. How is Lucas doing? Love you♥

  11. Congratulations Lin. He is beautiful. And your heart is oh so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And give that baby a good rockin' for me. Love you!

  12. Awwwww congratulations - I hope you four are having a wonderful baby-moon. xxx

  13. He is adorable! Congratulations Lindsay!

  14. Welcome chose the best mamma there is! Lin...good job! He is perfect! I too would love to hear his birth story...when you have the time of course!

    Rest well and enjoy.

  15. ACK!!! Oh baby...congrats momma and family. Little moonbeam is resting so soundly from here.

  16. oh lindsay, he is lovely and what a gorgeous name! i'm all teary over here at what you have accomplished, can't wait to hear all about the birth. love to you and your family, hope you are all cozy and warm and well : )

  17. Congratulations! He's beautiful, just like his mama!

  18. Congratulations! He is sure a cutie!

  19. He is beautiful!!! You are a strong amazing mama!!! Congrats to you and your family!!!!!!! Wahoo!!

    * I love the name Gavin *

  20. What an honor it must be for you to be Gavin's ma. And hurray for Home Birth!
    Rock on!

  21. Beautiful words, Lindsay. And oh, what a beautiful boy! Welcome, Gavin!!

  22. him already.

    How is it that I've still not met him? I'm coming tomorrow, even if it kills me.

  23. What a handsome name and a cozy bundle. Thank heavens for a safe delivery, Congratulations to you and your family!

  24. Congrats, he looks so sweet, I am glad everything went well.

  25. Hey Lindsay! Congrats on the home birth, that is amazing! I can't wait to hear more about it. He's a beautiful boy and he's very lucky to have you for his mama :)

  26. Congrats Lindsay. Gavin is beautiful.

  27. congratulations! best wishes to all ~

    xo, jenny :)

  28. linds, he is beautiful gorgeous wonderful and everything in between! im so glad you got your in home birth like you wanted! i cant wait to see you next time im in town! relax and enjoy new life! and i know how you love song lyrics...

    "Let it fill my soul and drown my fears
    Let it shatter the walls for a new, new sun

    A new day has... come"-celene dion

    miss you! rach

  29. CONGRATS- at home??? HOLY COW! im impressed! he's beautiful- i lvoe your letters to him. HE will treasure those when hes older. :) Rest up- he's one lucky lil boy!