Tuesday, January 27, 2009

scrap stash full of stories

somewhere between lucas being sicker than a dog, the nasty germ taking andrey out this evening and me praying and wishing and praying some more that this beast of a bug skips me and my nine months very pregnant self - i got to sew.
beth of this sweet etsy shop contacted me to do a swap of goods from my shop.
i love digging through my scrap stash. pulling out each pretty piece of cotton. remembering where it was purchased and who i was with. a trip to gardner village with ashlee or shipped cross the states from jen. a snitch from the stash of allyson and sent over in a care package or an hour long grazing through the tiny quilt shop i found in spokane. i love remembering what they were made into. this was a diaper bag for her. my first quilt - a blankie for luc. a tote for that sister. a bracelet for this one. that piece was snitched from her stash and cut into the shape of a birdie, and that piece a patch for amy's yoga bag. an apron to raise money for nie. and this one, a baby carrier for a most wished for new babe. most of the things i make are made for gifts and sent off. i love to see them in action. and love even more coming across their stories in my scrap bag and thinking of my "kite strings."
my favorite pieces were picked out and matched together. one for a boy. one for a girl. no pink. some classic blue. stitched up, name attached, packaged up so sweetly and sent off to hang on the walls of their wee bedrooms.
and i love that.


  1. oh, i'd love to spend an afternoon sifting through your scraps too : ) and i think mae is finally big enough to use the gorgeous sling you made us, in fact i just pulled it out the other day. i'll be sure to take some photos of it in action. thank you again soooooo much, it's still so lovely to me that you created it and sent it all the way over here for maesey.

  2. hay...i dug through that scrap tote once.

    ps: i don't go anywhere without my diaper bag. baby or not. it's too cute.

  3. I love the things your brain creates with that scrap tote. Little treasures for sure.

  4. I am continually in awe of you.

  5. Your scraps are definitely treasures! I love your style!!

  6. Lindsay.

    you've been on my mind. Just wanted to let you know.

    I love your stash of fabric, the best stash ever.

    I really need to finish my birdies...soon.