Sunday, January 25, 2009

out of order.

truckin' on a few hours of real sleep.
four loads of laundry/three pairs of pajamas, so far.
a quick dash to the store for 7-up and 'horton hears a who'
wishing away these monsterous yucky germs.
one very sick but oh-so-snuggly little boy.


  1. Being sick is the worst! Lucus does look cozy though!

  2. This is exactly what my poor house looks like today. Gage has got it. So sad! But you're right 'oh so snuggly'.

  3. I'm so sorry you guys are sick! I'm worried you got it from us, although it's been a few weeks since we had the big laundry problem. Let me know if I can help. Karen--oh yeah, I still have carmel to dip. Maybe I'll dip it up and give you a box to eat when all's well.

  4. Poor Luc...sick babies are so sad but they are so cuddly that I feel guilty saying that I REALLY love that part of my boys being sick. Your true mommy really comes out when you need to take care of a germy baby!

    Get better Luc.

  5. I'm sorry Lucas has the crud. I hope he is feeling better very soon!

  6. Aw, poor guy! Oh dear, I do hope you stay healthy! I secretly love when Micah gets sick because of the extra snuggling we get to do.

    Look at your belly! How beautiful and so cute! Thinking of you!

  7. so sad. yucky germs over here too. more of the coughing variety. hope he gets better SOON!

  8. he must've caught our gross bug.
    it just took down beaner last night.
    miss u.