Thursday, June 14, 2007

"it's a daily grind, waiting to unwind" -indigo girls (probably emily*)

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lucas and A*love are tucked safely into bed. i snuck back up the stairs to do my unwinding. this very quickly could have turned into a post about how nutty my day was but i sat down here to do my homework. my five gratefuls. i've been thinking about them all week and decided that i was just thinking too much. the rules had to be much simpler. so here's the first five that come to mind. without order. without any expectations...

five things i'm grateful for/in love with:
one: my red plaid flannel blanket. true love.
two: movies with subtitles
three: feta cheese
four: when luc hums a tune while nursing
five: roadtrips that require a map

oh so many more where those came from. what are yours? my heart buckets get so full just thinking of things. i could go on for ages.
i have so many lovely things to look forward to the next few days. steen and i are taking my dad bowling tomorrow for our date. father's day on sunday to celebrate my favorite dad's (my own and luc's), a pedicure on monday, amy's jet plane flies in on monday night and an outdoor indigo girls concert on tuesday...oh how i love summer nights. man, does it get any better?
goodnight loves, lin
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  1. Five Things I Am Grateful For...

    1) My little love and my big love
    2) Tyce hugs and kisses
    3) A supportive family
    4) The ability to serve others (this is my Grandma) inspiration!
    5) A week away from my husband because it gives me butterflies and anticipation to see him again...just like I felt 7+ years ago!

  2. Mmmm feta cheese! You know what is good with feta cheese? Cauliflower crumbled up. It is so exciting, with every bite filled with it a feta or a cauli...feta...cauli...ooooh I just love it!

    I need to watch a movie with subtitles, I never do anymore because I can't multitask during a subtitled movie. How annoying, I really just need to relax and watch a movie!

    I too love it when Micah hums, whistles, sings in an opera-like voice while puttering around the house. I know it means he is very content and inspired.

    Sounds like you have some wonderful days ahead, good for you!

  3. Oh my, and where did you get those overalls?? Micah would LOVE them!

  4. Luc is adorable and I am jealous of the Indigo concert. May you have a great time singing along!