Wednesday, May 23, 2012

in the pines...

in a matter of ten minutes on saturday afternoon we'd made the decision to jump in the car, had an overnight bag packed with enough for everyone in our little family, loaded up the boys and hit the road. andrey had come home early from what we thought would be a weekend spent working. seattle had been calling to me for months and i couldn't take it one more day.

i've been surprisingly responsible since lucas started kindergarten. we haven't travelled on a whim like that since last summer. i was beginning to get stir crazy. the daily phone calls from my mother started to sound something like this:
cath: hi, linny! how's things today?!
me: we're in the tri-cities. still.

some days the boys and i will pull up to andrey's job site with the road trip tunes on loud hoping we can tempt him into running away with us - always ending up with a kiss on the cheek for everyone and just enough time to get lucas to school by the first bell.

but not on saturday. 
he was easily convinced by promises of fresh sushi.
and a cuppa morning starbucks on the pier. 

we spent the entire day on sunday wandering around my city. and that city - she even rained for me. because despite what they say - it doesn't always rain in seattle. the sweet little sprinkling was a lucky one and only added to my happiness. it meant buying an umbrella. 
and hopping in city puddles. 

we rode the monorail from the seattle center to westlake and then wandered a few blocks to pikes. we drove through the u-district and i replayed some of my happiest lindsay memories there. when the babes started to doze off - we took the scenic highway through the pines and ended up in snoqualmie for a mini hike in the misty rain with the wild ferns. we buckled ourselves back in as the sun started to go down and kurt sang me and my sleepy boys all the way home at the top of his lungs.

the magic in an unplanned adventure is just what i needed.  just what i needed.
i can hardly wait to do it again. 


  1. oh man.
    you might have just inspired me to pack up my family for the upcoming weekend and head to Seattle! I miss Seattle-- it's just one of those places you never tire of. Nor do I tire of the doughnut stand and my Starbucks chai while we watch the bustle and hustle of the market : ) I totally need some doughnuts...........

  2. Love that spontaneity!
    Love your blog. I am following! Come follow back!Oh, Just Living the Dream

  3. Next time - take a little detour and come see me!!! I know my home isn't "cityish" quite like Seattle. But, you are always welcome. Glad you had a great weekend.

  4. You are so fun. Having spontaneity is such a gift. Your kids will have the sweetest memories when they're grown up.