Wednesday, January 18, 2012

morning snow.

january finally decided to get real.
we got snow last night. 
big snow. 
the magic kind. 
the boys went to bed with clear skies and silly talk of a big storm. 
they woke up to a blanket of happy white stuff. 
it's still falling fast. 
as much as i hate this kind - i can't help but giggle at their excitement. 
they've already been out twice. thirty minutes to get ready. ten minutes out. 
and charlie! his first real snow!
he snuck out for a minute, too. 
and he was a shivering little silly - in love. 


  1. That rainbow hat slays me. Love it.

    Happy snow day to you!

  2. I so want winter to get real here. But for now, these photos will do....such a happy, happy thing snow is!

  3. haha i love this. were due for snow tonight.

  4. Aww, these pics are soo sweet!! It makes it worth the half-hour to get em ready I bet <3

  5. Love the pictures! What a fun day it was!

  6. i love the new look! your blog is sooooo adorable now!

  7. Love the new blog re-design. You are good.

    I know snow isn't your favorite, but I hope you are at least kinda enjoying staying home with your boys :)


  8. Those faces were almost too joyful and beautiful for my eyes to look at directly. I felt tears and a big giggle in my gut.

  9. Lindsay, you're photography is amazing. It's perfect and beautiful for memory keeping and the pictues look like they were clipped right out of a beautiful magazine!