Saturday, August 27, 2011

grow with me

charlie grey : month ten

back in month two of baby charlie,
i found a brown paper package in my mailbox from my dear friend, susan.
a tiny pair of gray moccasins for for my teensy-tiny baby boy. 
she'd made them herself. 
the leather, so smooth. the fringe, oh my goodness. the gift, such a treasure.
we're in the last few days of our gray baby moccs. 
his little charlie feets can barely slip in anymore. 
his toes are squished. 
i've snuck them on all this week saying, just one more time...
they'll go in his save box.
my secret collection. 
so i can peek in on the quiet days.
reminders of the first few months of my charlie boy.
when his wisps of baby hair still held a hint of red.
and his grin - just one little tooth.

my oldest nephew just had his twelfth birthday. 
and in a quick moment last sunday
his mother whispered to me, that happened so fast...


  1. my daughter started high school two weeks ago. thinking about it still makes me short of breath. way too fast.

  2. and lukey to kindergarten tomorrow. i cant believe. i dont want it to come! presley and lucas have taught us so much. who woulda thought. wish they were going together. and gabriel being twelve already? time needs to slow down. love you charlie smiles.