Thursday, November 25, 2010

baby mine

 this boy grows 013charlie grey – month one
this sweet boy is made of magic.
we’ve yet to really hear a cry from him.
he is peaceful and content.
a champion nursling.
a growing wonder.
a deep thinker.
a bassinet sleeper.
a swing lover.
a piece of baby cake.this boy grows 035


  1. is his hair a lil reddish??? how CUTE!! im jealous--- hes a piece of cake? can u make me a piece of cake?? :) happy Tday pinds! love u--

  2. That sweet bracelet is just about as cute as Charlie is! So happy for you.

  3. i want to snuggle that baby. and i wonder if he will tell me the secrets of a happy babe...
    i love him....sweet...

  4. Oh precious precious :) This makes me so excited about seeing the first month of my daughters life!