Monday, March 8, 2010

seven years of A+L

7 years of A L 034

in connecticut  - i knew
and you knew
that we’d find a little box and make it into a home
that there were babies that were to be ours
that there were years to spend
and that we had to be together – for all of it.
you sold your car
and bought a ring
seven years since white tulips and violins
seven years since a little chapel on the outskirts
seven years since dear friends gathered
and sweet promises made
Stoyan_Family 45 - Version 2
happy anniversary, love.


  1. I hope you're getting a babysitter (wink, wink), and hitting the town!

  2. your babysitter has been delayed
    I WILL come as soon as possible!
    Here's to A & L forever!

  3. Happy Anniversary. You two are such a lovely match.

  4. Happy Anniversary! isnt it crazy how much we didnt know our men, or what our future would be like... we were just in love blissfully. now... its SO much better than you could have imagined.
    enjoy eachother*

  5. I'm a day late, but I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! :D

  6. This post is so beautiful. I love it for it's simplicity. Love really is simple. And beautiful. And the two of you together...perfect.

    Happy 7 years!

  7. That cuff is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL piece of jewellery I have ever spied. Loving the love.