Monday, April 13, 2009

skinnnnnny summer girl

skinnnny summer 
so. here’s the deal. i allowed andrey to take a before picture of me this weekend. in a scrubby tank top and sweats. my frumpy house clothes. and while i knew that my body had taken on a new sloshy shape since boy #2 was born, i still felt some what cute-mom-ish in said frumpy house clothes and ponytail.
until i saw the pictures, that is. i wanted to hide. 

i was gifted some new nikes for my birthday. they run fast and jump high. they are step one to the new, happy, skinny, me. not that chubby me isn’t happy, either. just that there are far too many pretty things out there that i’d love to be wearing. far too many pretty things in my closet that i’d like to feel pretty in.

tomorrow. monday. (is it bad luck to start these sorts of things on mondays?) it begins. i’ve got two months until i want to be fitting nicely into my pre-gavin clothes and four months until i want to be the happy, skinny, version of myself in that outfit over there and my chubby six-month-old-bubba-boy on my hip.  with no traces of him left in my belly.  i’m giving myself some rules. easy ones that i can follow because i am no good at this. <<right, gina? right, lacie?>>
no good at all. 

i’ve got rules like:
eat breakfast.
drink jugs of water.
watch the sugar.
get to bed at a decent hour. 
do some sort of exercise daily.
do something weekly to feel pretty.

got any good advice?
and no. you will not be seeing those before pictures. ever. don’t ask.

off to eat that last lemon cream cheese bar in my fridge. <<thanks, kristin>>
and finish off that slice of ice cream cake in the freezer.   <<thanks, tiffani>>

love, lin


  1. oooh pick me, pick me! we can go on walks every evening if you like? I try to go every evening with Tegon, gets him and me out of the house, and I benefit from that. Let me know... grin.

  2. I walk everywhere! Love walking and it keeps me skinny and in good shape;)! If you ever need a walking partner to get you out, call me... OK, OK, it helps that I'm allergic to all unhealthy foods.

  3. you know I'm always around to be crazy about health so don't hesitate. After Elias my belly was harder then ever to get rid of. I've cut down on dairy more then ever this year.

  4. Oh, how pretty is that outfit? And how gorgeous would it look on you?!

    I have new-ish running/walking shoes. I just started walking again this week. It feels so good to get out and do something active. I feel like I've been hibernating all winter. Let me know if you want to join us. Just pack the boys in the good ol' stroller!

  5. Every day, about 25 times per day, I think about having to get back into shape again after I have this baby. There's so much pressure (self induced), especially with summer around the corner. I need to get out and walk too, but I always seem to make up a good excuse.

    The first 4 months after delivery were the hardest for me. I think I cried almost every day with how different my body was. Oh well, it's for a good cause. Good luck with your cause!

  6. Ummm, I'm with you Lin. I want to be the cute skinny girl right along side you.

  7. lin- good job this week. you've done the hardest part...sticking to it when so many other things are going on (like life and children and fast food that seems easier than cooking). that's what always messes me up...
    nice work. you deserve a prize.

    i'm so excited for our seattle trip. it's only a couple weeks away. that's the best mothers day weekend i could ever ask for.

  8. I don't have any advice but good luck! I need to do something too and your post has totally inspired me. Thanks!

    Miss K

  9. You can totally do it Lin! And remember I will be checking up on you.

  10. eek youre going to michael franti! have a fun adventure!! and i'll see ya when you get back! :]

  11. Go easy on yourself sister. Of the few pics I've seen of you, you always look gorgeous. You've got a new babe and a little guy, and a husband. It's easy to come last in that food chain - but good for you looking after yourself.

    My tip that helped me - more incidental exercise, and cut out butter. I love butter but it was making me a butter ball. OH AND eat more fruit.


    If you are going to have juice, make it orange juice..and only in the morning for breakfast! Seriously! The rest of the day stick with water.. And to even save money, plus I feel like orange juice is already "too" juicy...i dillute it with water...and then sometimes I put a couple table spoons in my water bottle for flavoring....

    or another good flavorful drink [ESPECIALLY for summer] is stash's licorice spice tea...brew a pot of that... 2 teabags more than 3! and then pour it in a pitcher and put it in the is soooooooo good cold!! And the aftertaste is seriously sweet and sugarfree... :)

    p.s. my favorite form of excersie... DANCING!!! Put on some good dance music for you and the babes to dance to, you are exercising while getting them tired and ready for a nap!!! ahahah lol ..this worked like a charm when I was a live in nanny for a lil 18 month year old :[)


  13. I agree we so need to get together! We need to take the kiddos to the park! Let's plan something soon! I need to get your number!

  14. Lindsey! It was great to hear from you on my blog!!! No real tips on getting in shape, but your boys are absolutely adorable! I loved your birth story, though it left me incredibly jealous (I had #2 in the hospital due to expenses...) Definitely keep in touch!

  15. Well...I always slimmed down with the help of breastfeeding, but had to go on medication a year after little emmy was born. Which, was not the best idea because it caused me to gain weight. My advice is to move, by yourself, everyday. Exercise is seriously the best medicine ever for mental and physical well-being.

  16. you are so adorable! my only tips are just do something everyday (walk, yoga, etc.) and eat protein so you have the energy to exercise everyday after taking care of the fam.

    J :)