Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"i'll love you more than anybody can" - peter, paul and mary

the only trace of her this morning was a stack of clean dishes by my sink, a cold diet 7-up in my fridge (i'm pretty sure that one was by accident) and a little lukey boy with a sad lip missing his grammy.


what i know for sure:
that a girl should not live a gazillion {648 to be exact} miles away from her mama.

goodnight loves,


  1. What a great picture! That is so sweet and sad all in one.

  2. I'm 3000 miles from mine. You only begin to appreciate them more as an adult. Well, for me anyways.

  3. You have such a special mama. I feel for you Lin. I miss her too!! I miss you too!! xoxo

  4. I think it makes me a little better mamma myself, she did mention she'd thought about moving here now though.

  5. Hi Lindsay! Man, how heartbreaking. I really feel for you. I'm so thankful to have a great relationship with my parents and my love and appreciation for them grows with every visit...and they only live 5 minutes away - not to rub it in : (

    I popped over to see what's going on in your world and I'm so excited to see that you have opened a shop! I'm going to pop over and take a look, I'm sure it will be wonderful!