Sunday, October 26, 2008


dear nat:
i need a new big 'ol bottle of this. i'll never forget the first time i smelled it. you, me, winco grocery buying dr. pepper and ribs. you confessed your britney-ness and i've never smelled the same since.
love, lin

p.s. i still do believe that all would be right in the world if britney and j.t. would just get back together already. brad and jen?? you, too. thanks.


  1. Ha ha ha! That is so funny. I'll keep my Santa Angelina opinions to myself since they're prob not very welcome here. LOL

  2. So, Lin... What if I told you I have a discount program through work that can get you your huge bottle for only $24?! I'll send you a link to check it out...


  3. o i just wanted to tell you, i am currently seeking a curious stick, its the roll on sparkle scent,,,, it makes all your clothes smell yuM! i also just bought ralph lauren cool, it smells good but just not the same. i accidentally spilled a whole bottle of brit in my backpac u made me, i miss you come see my new place LOVE YA