Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the girls.

love is...
dear little girls {my sister-friends}:
i love you - and wanted to send that out into the universe.
love, lindsay

(p.s. - our family is sending out an S.O.S. jade's kody is still very very sick. please-oh-please save a little spot in your prayers/thoughts/hearts for my sweet littlest sister and her new husband. and while you're at it... throw in a little somethin' about steen and how i need her to show up on my couch tomorrow.)


  1. Your sos is in my heart. I will pray. So sorry Lindsay.

  2. we're going to whole foods to get kody all the natural liquid we can find, he's only allowed clear liquids.
    miss you linds.
    did you send me the tie dye triangles? what the heck?
    ps/ steen is sleeping on my couch right now.

  3. Lindsay, I have been wondering how he is doing, and I am so sorry he's not doing better. We will surely add him to our prayers.

  4. Lin we will keep your sweet family in our prayers. May Kody and Jade get the help they need. Love you...Auntie

  5. hey lin, i looooooove you! i just want to come over. my belly is getting big. i'm gonna put updates on kody on my blog.

  6. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, love you!

  7. That was so sweet Lindsay! There is nothing like sisters to help you through hard and good times. He is in our prayers!