Monday, February 11, 2008

execute operation "this-kid-needs-his-own-bed"

this is what i found when i went to climb in my bed last night:
-The Mister wrapped up in ALL of our covers
-Mister Junior lying horizontal across the top of the bed. feets on The Mister's belly.

this is what i did:
snuck my red plaid blanket out from under the mister and tip-toed to the couch.

i've been collecting my favorite images from some of my daily internet visits. inspiration to get lucas's room done. i've got quite a little gathering in my file folder marked "operation this-kid-needs-his-own bed." i had decided to break down this overwhelming house decor chore into rooms. and his will be the first. i can't believe this has become a chore. for years i have waited and waited for my own little box of a house to paint and fancy up. now that it's here the huge-ness of the project has caused the whole thing to come to a grinding halt. ending today. today, i will buy paint. today we will buy lumber. today this adventure begins.

i've weeded through the images and come up with this little bundle of inspiration:
1. rocket kids fabric (for quilt squares/a pillow?/toy bags)
2. huuuuuge metal alphabet
3. a fun lamp or two. this inspiration comes from ABC carpet and home
4. i love the idea of a map for wallpaper. this room screams adventure.
5. mister lucas jude himself. the bob dylan tee helps, too.
6. i love oscar's room. the paint color is perfect.
7. babar poster
8. oscar's room, again. i've seen quite a few of these bookshelves around. children's book's alone are works of art and this is a great way to display some of our favorites.
9. i love, love, love the idea of this eames rocker. and the chalk board dots are pretty smart, too.
10. oscar again. this is one lucky kid.
11. i have a small obsession with antique globes right now. if you happen to come across one in real life... snatch it up for me. i love the old school chalk board here. and the vintage desk.
12. the kip bed. i've been drooling over this since luc was just a bean in my belly. andrey is going to attempt to build a knock off for us.
13. i love the idea of these wool felt pouches by jennifer gibbs
14. i hate that i didn't save the link for this photo. a great collection of classic books and toys on display
15. what little boy doesn't wish for a chicken door stop?
16. the great wall of classic board games. think of this and me while you're out thrifting...

it's a bit of a mish-mosh of styles. but i love it. i love the colors and the imagination it all sparks. i think "boy" will love it, too.

any other good ideas?


  1. I will be tackling paint and such in my boys' room pretty soon too. (I just have to get Cole in a big boy bed first!) Love your collection of inspiration. We will have to compare finished projects.

    PS: A shared affection for the Indigo Girls is grounds for instant friendship in my book!

  2. I love these ideas! I've been trying to work on Clara's room too. i totally understand about the house decorating being overwhelming. it sounds so exciting when you're thinking about it, but it's hard to pull it all together, and make the decisions! can't wait to see what you do!

  3. I wish I was little and could ask for a sleep over when it was done. So cute and fresh ideas. Fun Lucas Fun.

  4. when you are finished decorating your house, can you do mine? thanks.

    ps: i think i need to be friends with polka dots.....
    sweet - someone who truly loves and knows the indigo girls!

  5. i'm still going to make you a THING.
    i havent forgotten.

  6. does lucas have playdoh? and small plastic animals ?
    because little boys love to smoosh the small animals into the playdoh.
    and make tracks.
    then bury the animals inside the playdoh and dig them back out.

    you should try it with him. he will be silent and creative for a really long time. its really funny.
    little boys also love to mix the colors together to make brown.

  7. Your board of happy pictures has me inspired. I have been wanting to tackle my boys room for a few weeks and you've given me the kick I have needed. We should go paint shopping together. I'm thinking orange. Scared?

  8. I love everything about it! Especially the board games on the wall.

  9. When I finally decided to decorate my house it was overwhelming (I am still not done and now we are selling.) But, I went from room to room and wrote down everything I wanted for that room so that when I was out running round, the list was always with me and I could grab up things I needed!!

    Half of the list is done but it will have to be altered or added to in order to fit our new house...whenever it gets built! LOL!!

    As for little boy many things you can do and whatever you do will be amazing. As for us...right now it is a mix of balls, Mater and Lightening McQueen and books and of course a big overstuffed orange rocker!! All things Tyce loves and wanted. It is really his creation!!

  10. oh good!! im so glad you are trying playdoh im sure he will love it.
    i want to see photos , if possible. because i love playdoh and i think its really funny what kids do with it.

    if you like the totebag, go to this site:
    i buy things from her all the time, because everything is so funny:

  11. hey i have called you 3 times now! where the heck are you and what the heck is wrong with you!?
    tell lucas to call me please!
    i want to come help fix up luc's room!

  12. I don't know where you come up with all of these ideas.. they are always so cute.. I'm jealous. I thought about calling you today because I don't know how to make crafty things and thought you could steer me in the right direction. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  13. Lin I love you posts. I haven't had a chanc to comment but I do love checking to see what kind of things your brain creates! Good luck with the bed creation, let us know how it comes out! By the way I need you here in AZ this week since we are doing up the baby's room (hopefully today) soon! So just jump in your car and head on down...ok so I know you can't but wouldn't it be fun!

  14. I love the maps room. Timeless and ageless. You could keep it that way if he wanted or end up changing it. But the probability of your little one still liking it later is high. Coming from someone with four kids, I'm thinking efficiency. Decorate and be done. (smile) I know, I know, I'm not the whimsical kinda gal. I think I would get along great with your Dad. Funny I am a bit like your mom, but I still have that concrete orderly way of thinking. Happy to be part of the Larson Family Blogs!!

  15. I heard you still haven't been feeling well. I'm so sorry. You'll be in my prayers. The handouts you did for the stake R.S. things were sooo cute! Also, if you feel up to it, I tagged you, so visit my blog to see about that!