Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"the near and the dear ones... the old and the young" -john and yoko

so this is christmas...
we safely arrived at the SLC airport sunday night... and thank my lucky stars that the little mister slept the entire flight cuddled up in my arms. yes, thank my lucky stars.
i love to be home.although, i miss my a*love, dearly. will someone please make sure that he is being fed well and goes to work bundled up, warm?
we spent yesterday cozied in at ashlee's enjoying the warm company and the smell of all things delicious she had been cooking up. she sent us home with armloads of warm sugary bread and even warmer happy hearts.
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luc and i then spent the evening bundled up, wandering through "the gateway" on our annual holiday shopping trek. i spent a good hour or so in anthropologie running my fingers through all the lovely threads and getting a brain-full of ideas for our house. we picked luc's ornament for the year and i was sure to have them gift wrap it for me in great anthropologie fashion. we shared hot chocolate and the boy slept through the insane utah traffic all the way home. perfect.
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the package i had sent here from this little etsy shop of goodness arrived. had i known it was going to be the size of a small country i would have found a few folks out there to go in on it with me. needless to say i have a spool of red and white bakers twine that will last me and amy three lifetimes each. or more. let me know if you need some.
today is fabric shopping. don't tell my husband. the drought i've been on in the homeland has left a giant fabric craving that is screaming to be satisfied. i will hit up as many little shops as my little heart can stand. including ikea's textile section. this will make for one wild day and one happy lindsay-girl when the day is over. any requests while i have all this fabric goodness around me?
we'll spend the rest of our little holiday bundling up packages (tied with bakers twine of course), drinking warm drink, and visiting our loves. there are still babies to meet and good friends to cuddle. saturday will come quickly and i am looking forward to diving back into my sewing creations before christmas.
what is your favorite part of this holiday hustle and bustle? enjoy it. oh! enjoy it.
love, lindsay


  1. and of course....we would both choose to wrap our gifts with bakers twine this year...and of course I already bought some and got ripped off at michaels crafty craft store! oh well - tell the homeland hello for me! glad you are having fun. mimi amy

  2. My favorite thing about this holiday season? There is so here is my list...

    *Hot CoCo
    *Wrapping gifts
    *The Angel tree and making another child happy this Christmas
    *Comfy Jammies
    *Holiday parties (which means I don't have to cook)
    *Tyce's birthday party (4 days before christmas)

    I am glad you are having such a great time at home. I wish I could come visit but alas...I am stuck at home with no gas in my car. Just more reason for me to stay in my PJ's with Tyce and drink hot coco!!

    Merry Christmas...Love you!

  3. utah has traffic? i never would have thought.

    that ornament is brilliant.

  4. This reminds me of Lucas' mitten last year. What a great tradition you got there Linds. I hope you enjoy your trip...I'm still jealous of all those fabric stores. I think I need to do some more searching out here. Once again, beautiful post!

  5. It was great having you and HEY that's my hand creating the one and only christmas card i made. Mom is still at the dentist. its been well over an hour. Did you ever get to go to Kneaders?
    Macaroni Grill was in my dream.
    WE miss you!
    Oh yeah, Utah has traffic compared to the Tri Cities... maybe not so much in comparison to California.

  6. yes it is i , the giver of silly little things i cant resist buying for presley . (natalie too)

    i love your blog
    everything is fabulous.

  7. Lindsay I love the ornament! So cute! I hope you have a great Christmas and Happy new year since that is coming so very soon!!!!

  8. Ah twine! I love the ornament and hope you are having a good time in snow country! I am sure I could find some uses for twine...let me know how much you would like for some!

  9. Your blog is making me happy today! I have been enjoying your previous posts, and getting much creative inspiration.

    Thanks to you, I now have many projects stewing in my head...

  10. Lindsay! Your twine is Awesome! Ahh I need some of that, ahaha lol I yearn for the day when I can have a whole shelf full of that stuff. My desk has been posted, 10-4 old lady!
    be checking the mail next week! :)